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Episode #7 – Sexy Hotdogs

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode #7 – of Happy Distraction (Sorry Kirsty chose the title) The feel-good, guilt-free, good kind of distraction. In today’s show, your hosts, Dylan and Kirsty, chat about whether a hotdog is a sandwich or a taco and share your hilarious and insightful responses in our Controversial Corner segment. We talk dirty in Hashtag Crashtag and play one hell of a tricky game in Kirsty Vs. Dylan. Of course, there’s much more than that, so what are you waiting for? Jump in!

In the Show today:
Introduction: (00:25)
Controversial Corner: (03:34)
Hashtag Crashtag: (14:21)
Kirsty Vs. Dylan: (17:58)
Uninformed: (34:25)
Happy News: (39:55)
Goodbyes: (43:15)

Top quotes from the show:
This is now a podcast about relationship advice and sex stories” – Dylan.
“Suck on my chocolate salty balls”. – Kirsty.
“Why have you wrote nacho in the document you fool?” – Kirsty.

Hashtag Crashtag:
In #HashtagCrashtag, we scour the internet for the funniest hashtags of all time, and this time its #MySexLifeInMovieTitles. The hashtag that describes your sex life in a word or a sentence. Absolute unmissable hilarity.

Kirsty Vs. Dylan:
And… are you ready for Kirsty Vs. Dylan? The epic weekly trivia battle pitting host v host, and this week we battle it out in a game called “Shot in the Dark” The ridiculously hard game, where your answers are literally just a shot in the dark. Are you curious to know which is the only country with a dead president? Or do you want to know the maximum amount of families one person can donate sperm too? We got you covered, listen to find out! 

Uninformed is where we have to guess what a Movie, TV Show, book etc. is about based on the title and the front cover. We watch/read it, and then report back in the next episode to see if we got it right! So were we right? Did Kirsty guess what The Bubble was about? Did Dylan guess correctly about what Making Fun is about? Tune in to find out.

Controversial Corner:
In this segment, we pose a question each week to YOU the audience. We reveal the answers to our second question ‘Is a Hotdog a Sandwich or a Taco?’ and we pose our second question, ‘Is the person in the middle seat entitled to both armrests?’ If you want to get involved, share your answer with us on our social media channels (they are all @distracthappy) or send us a message using the contact form on our website here.

So take a seat, get comfy and get distracted!

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