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Welcome to the Happy Distraction Podcast – your ultimate source for uplifting content, hearty laughs, and intriguing stories. In a world often clouded with doom and gloom, our mission is to offer a refreshing escape that not only tickles your funny bone but also sparks your curiosity.

Hosted by the dynamic duo, Dylan and Kirsty, our show is a rich tapestry of entertainment designed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Each episode is a delightful mix of humour, trivia, and heartwarming stories, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to enjoy.

From quirky tales and intriguing real-life stories to discussions on the latest trends and innovations, our podcast covers a wide range of topics with a unique blend of humour and insight. We believe in celebrating the joy in the unexpected corners of life, offering a variety of segments that entertain and educate.

Our playful banter and engaging personalities create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making you feel like part of our happy, curious community. Whether it’s a new book recommendation, one of Kirsty’s fabulous recipes, or an original short story penned by Dylan, the Happy Distraction Podcast offers a little bit of everything to keep you entertained.

We also love to interact with our listeners through fun games and trivia, adding an interactive element to your listening experience. And to ensure you end on a high note, we round out each episode with a segment of ‘Happy News’ to leave you feeling inspired and optimistic.

We believe in breaking the mould of focusing on just one niche. Our goal is to provide varied, guilt-free, feel-good content that offers the perfect distraction from the everyday grind. So why not pull up a seat, get comfortable, and let us take you on a journey of distraction? Tune in, laugh along, and perhaps learn something new – because at the Happy Distraction Podcast, we celebrate the joy in life’s little moments.

Join us on this delightful journey and become a part of our happy, curious community.

The Happy Distraction Blog is designed to be a companion to our Podcast. Blog posts will be written by either Dylan or Kirsty (and from time to time, maybe a guest writer). Our Blog aims to provide another distraction to our viewers and listeners, and what better way to get distracted than through the power of reading? We can’t promise to be the next Shakespeare or Jane Eyre, but we plan to share anything from a new TV show on Netflix to a funny story we’ve found in a newspaper. The Blog will likely be closely linked to our passions. So expect beauty, lifestyle and foodie content from Kirsty and tech, gaming and the odd meme from Dylan. We don’t want to restrict what we share, and again there’ll be something for everyone, so feel free to dive right in! 

Have you got anything you’d like to share or want to send us a message? Then feel free to contact us here 🙂 


1). What platforms will the podcast be available on? 

The podcast will be available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. You can find various links and susbcribe buttons dotted around the website.

2). How often will you release new episodes of your podcast? 

We aim to release one episode per week. However from time to time, there may be multiple episodes posted in any given week, which could be for a number of reasons.

3). Will there be transcriptions of episodes available after they’ve been released?

We will aim to provide transcripts of episodes as we want to be as accessible as possible. The eventual aim will be to publish a transcript alongside publishing an episode. However due to the time involved in this, transcripts may be posted much later than the episode itself.

4). Can I be a guest on your podcast? 

This is something we are excited about, and would love to have you on as a guest. However, we aren’t ready for guests just yet.

5). Can I invite you to be a part of my podcast?

Yes, we’d love to! Just send us a message here.

6). Can I subscribe to an RSS feed? 

Yes! You can subscribe to the RSS feed by following this link.


1). Can I contribute an article or post to your blog? 

This is definitely something we are looking to have happen in the future. As we are just starting out on this journey, however, we aren’t looking for guest posts right now.

2). How do you make money with the blog?

The short answer is we don’t. The Podcast, Blog and Website are self-funded, and we don’t make any money directly. From time to time, there may be afilliate links posted, if we’ve reviewed something like a book and share a link for you to purchase it. As a result of this we may make a small comission, but will always be fully transparent about this.

3). I want to start a blog, can you guide me? 

Of course! We can’t claim to be experts, but the best piece of advice we can give is to write something you’re passionate about and write consistently. Sharing some insta worthy pictures alongside wont go a miss. If you have any further questions, please feel to reach out by clicking here.


1). Why the name ‘Happy Distraction’? 

We chose this name, because we wanted our listeners and readers to resonate with it. The whole idea is to distract you from the doom and gloom and everyday worries, and put a smile on your face at the same time, hence ‘Happy Distraction’. We know we can’t cure all of your problems, but just for a few moments at least, we’d like to take you with us on a journey of guilt-free, feel-good and sometimes even laugh-out-loud distractions.

2). What are your ambitions/goals for the podcast/blog? 

Our goals and ambitions are just to put a smile on your face, whether this is for 2 minutes, or 2 hours, that’s an achievement. We know how tough things can get, and we want to offer a good kind of distraction. This is solely a hobby for us, and we just want to share our unique personalities with you. 

3). Can I donate or provide a tip? 

It’s amazing that you’re even considering doing that. We don’t have any way in which you can do this just yet. However it’s something we may look into in the future. If so it will be something like a ‘Buy us a coffee’ type situation. 

4). My question wasn’t answered, how can I get more help?

Sorry that we couldn’t answer your question. Please reach out to us by visiting the following link to submit a contact form.

About the Hosts

Learn a little about the hosts (and their cat) below...



Likes anything tech-related, ironically works in tech as an Integration Specialist. Recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Sunderland. Engaged to Kirsty.



Has a passion for beauty, lifestyle, food and pets! Works in preventing financial crime at a leading UK challenger bank. Kirsty is also an awesome part-time Twitch streamer, blogger and engaged to Dylan.



May also be referred to as ‘Bubs’ or ‘Bubsey’. Is partial to a dreamie or some Felix goodybag (other brands are available). Can be heard in the early hours of the morning, crying for no reason. Is partial to a frequent snooze.