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Controversial Corner #1

Controversial corner is the part of the show where we share a question (perhaps a controversial one), we gather answers from our listeners and share some of them on the podcast. You can listen to Episode #6 here to listen to the first lot of answers, but this blog post features every answer we’ve received on the subject, and they are definitely worth a read.

This week’s question!

The question this week is:


1). “No they are all Cocks” – James

2). “Effffff No” – Yamilotus

3). “99.9% of the time they’re anything but… the trick is to let them leave feeling like they won but in actual fact, you stitched them up for a 2nd time haha” – Craig

4). “No, lol x” – Diane

5). “No 99% of the time they ring for advice then argue with the expert that they rang for help in the first place” – Jess

6). “In my mind, it doesn’t literally mean that the customer is always right. Of course, they are wrong sometimes. It’s about the way you should treat customers. Basically ‘act polite and understanding even if the customer is an idiot’” – Emmageddon

7). “No, the customer doesn’t know what they want. If they did, Marketing wouldn’t exist” – Noaksey 

8). They think they are always right because they are ‘the customer’. No one is always right, ( not even me, shocking, I know ) The thing is, totally just a theory, they think if they admit that they are wrong, workers would not do anything about it, but in reality, 90% of the time, if you, the customer, are nice about it. You would definitely get what you want, even if they have made a mistake. Long story short, don’t be a Dbag. And everyone wins – Yamilotus (again)

9). “The customer definitely is not always right. What is right about teaching your child to suck up water in a straw and spit it at other customers or allowing young children to run through restaurants or stores barreling into other customers reaching into a diner’s plate with a finger they just picked their nose with asking what’s this? Tearing into the waitstaff loudly enough for everyone to hear about how inedible the food is but there’s only half a bite left? Taking the tip-off a communal table ‘because she didn’t deserve it.’? Bringing back merchandise that it is evident to a blind man has been ruggedly used for a long while screaming for a refund?

You show me how in any of these situations they could be right and I’ll concede.

Oh, did I mention turning 3 preteens loose in the store while you shop giving them time to demolish the store, threatening the safety of seniors inside shopping? Yup. I stopped that one. Or kids in particular and some adults too, speaking loudly, playing tag, throwing popcorn and peanuts at each other and other patrons at a movie theatre. How would the customer be right? No. Throw them out.” – Charles

10). “NO. I do not believe so. Below is why:

Understand: Customers” can be External or Internal. The same considerations generally apply

I have never, ever believed “the customer is always right” was meant to be interpreted LITERALLY.

I believe more correctly stated: The Customer is never WRONG!

(The same way “not guilty” does not necessarily mean “innocent”.)

It simply implies that we never refuse or resist whatever a customer requests, but we make every effort to accommodate the customer, to meet their expectations. Offer alternatives!

IT MEANS GOING THE EXTRA MILE, in terms of Service!” – Charliss

11). “They’re not we know this. But you’ve got to approach it like they are. Until you see what we get and they’re like there’s no way they’re right, fucking go away man. It’s nuts innit.” – Sam

12). “No customers are idiots, like the time there was a water ban, but people kept drinking the water anyway.” – BunBuns

13). “The customer is almost always WRONG…at least in my industry and most of the industries we serve. Dead wrong. I have rarely found a situation where the “customer is right”. – Dennis

14). “Give the customer the benefit of the doubt, but they are not always correct. You will determine what the issue is only on talking to the client. Solve it calmly and professionally. Never get upset with a customer but also never allow a customer to insult you or your colleagues.” – Wayne

15). “The customer is always right except where he/she acts illegally or unethically. For example when they ask for a receipt in excess of what they have paid.

Take note that with all the stakeholders of any business it is only the customer that brings in money. All other activities of the business are cost so you must consider the customer as king and handle him/her as an egg. This is why you need to be polite to the customer no matter how rude he/she may be to you.

Apart from the illegal or unethical actions of the customer, he is always right and therefore you need to manage all segments of customers to get their money so as to succeed and grow. Without the customer your business will not survive. Most business persons think that when a customer is rude it means he is not right.

In short since you need his money to survive and grow he/she is always right.

This slogan was adopted by Henry Selfridge an American. He purchased a land in 1906 in the city center of London and build a store which bears his name. His shop adopted the slogan the customer is always right which is now commonly used around the world.” – Emmanuel

16). “No, especially now when integrity means nothing to a large portion of the population. People will tell the most outlandish stories to get something significantly cheaper even though they know that they are cheating the company. They don’t care if it hurts a company, even a mom n pop store, or it goes bankrupt because of the lying.” – Cheryl

17). “No… they are not. When they get unreasonable they are inherently wrong.

I have owned an auto detail shop and a janitorial business and in both I have refused to serve people because I sensed that there was no way they would be pleased with the service.

As the saying goes, “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them…”.

Also, as many servers will attest, there are people who carry their own bugs or will pull out their own hair to put on the plate after eating to get the entire parties’ meals for free.

Dead giveaway, blond hair and the “patron” is the only blond in the building and it is the same length as theirs.

I do not mind doing free work, I worked at a body shop and each year we would pick a single, struggling mother and “renew” her car for free; providing a rental or a loaner until the work was complete. That was our choice and no deception was involved… dirt cheap advertising and being the change you wish to see.

People wanting the work done below cost is also a huge red flag; I didn’t adopt them and owe them nothing.” – David

18). “That’s what the old saying is “the customer is always right”

But… I use to let them set up for their own fall”. – Marlon

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