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A bonus Trivia episode is available to listen to right now! So take a listen below, or check out the different ways in which you can listen by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it!

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Brucey Bonus Episode: Trivia Galore

Show notes:

Welcome to our 5th Brucey bonus edition of Happy Distraction – Trivia Galore. Curious about this episode? Then read on, my friend…

In the Show today:
50 minutes of none stop trivia featuring questions from various categories. This episode has something for everyone. This episode has questions from the below categories:

  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Geography 
  • Film & TV 
  • Music 
  • And much, much more…

Take a listen to one giant edition of Kirsty Vs. Dylan. How many questions can you get right? Why not participate, and let us know if you did better than us?

Play along in our new game, ‘Answergrams,’ where you only get points for the final answer. Want to know what on earth we mean? Take a listen to find out!

So take a seat, get comfy and get distracted.

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