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Introducing Controversial Corner

This is just a quick post to introduce ‘Controversial Corner’ to you. You may have heard that we introduced a new segment in Episode 5 (click the link if you haven’t listened yet, it will not disappoint). However, I just wanted to explain it in a bit more detail so you know what to expect from this fun and controversial(ish) little segment.

Controversial Corner is the segment where we pose a question which we consider to be somewhat controversial, or at the very least to evoke some kind of ‘ooh’ response. The questions we have are hugely varied, and are designed to get that brain of yours working overtime! The idea for this segment is to get you the listener involved as much as possible. Aaaand we’d love your responses!

We’ll post an image with a question every week (or at least the weeks we plan to use one of our Controversial Corner questions) on social media. The hope is that our listeners will give some wonderful answers. We’ll then pick some of them which we’ll discuss in the show the following week (pssst that means you’ll get a shoutout). We’ll post all of the responses we get in a blog post! So keep an eye on the blog for those that didn’t quite make it into the show.

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Quick Note

I’m going to say again (sorry if you’re bored of hearing the same thing). Thank you so much for all of your support so far, it means the world 

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