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Episode #2 is available to listen to right now! Listen below, or check out the different ways you can listen by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it!

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Episode #2 Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode #2 of Happy Distraction. The feel-good, guilt-free, good kind of distraction. In today’s show, your hosts, Dylan and Kirsty, delve into many topics, from a woman who uses a wheely bin as a sex toy to the genius idea of eating your full English breakfast from half an easter egg. To a ‘Klepto Cat’ who steals everything from a rubber duck to a mini skateboard.

In the Show today:
Introduction: (00:45)
Say Whaaaaaat? (02:11)
Hashtag Crashtag: (15:47)
Kirsty Vs. Dylan: (21:37)
Cringe of the week: (40:16)
Happy News: (46:13)
Goodbyes: (49:21)

Hashtag Crashtag:
In #HashtagCrashtag, we scour the internet for the funniest hashtags of all time, and this time its #DisneyPickUpLines. Do you know your pooh from your boo?

Kirsty Vs. Dylan:
And… are you ready for Kirsty Vs. Dylan? The epic weekly trivia battle pitting host v host, and this week we play our own unique creation: Relation Wealth. This is totally ours and has nothing to do whatsoever with Family Fortunes or Family Feud; it’s 100% original, I tell you.

Say Whaaaaaat?
Also, Don’t miss us sharing cringey stories and other tidbits that will make you say, whaaaat? And get ready for some happy news that’ll put a spring in your step, all available in one neatly wrapped episode of fun.

So take a seat, get comfy and get distracted!

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